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king at Luo days, in this moment, they show fidget cube 3d print proud smile, as if to win a tough battle, as many people have started Cheered. Do you want to die Do I fidget cube 3d print want to die at this moment. Luo Tian seems to see the death of his smile at him, and his death to kill the release of the same shadow of death, the fidget cube 3d print death of the sickle, single fidget cube 3d print handed death chanting, watching him, waiting for him, this feeling completely can not tell. At the moment. Everything around seems to slow down the action. Time becomes dull. All eyes are in his own body. Luo days to make every effort, finger spinner how to use still do not want to move forward, fight the body of fidget spinner metal classic the last trace of strength, the hearts of non stop roar up, I can not die, I can cheap hand spinner sale not die, can not die here, I have a lot Things do n.life you do not dream. Finished. Ouyang wild watching Luo days cold smile, said You are for her to come Haha want to hero to save the United States you a dog thing, here is not Wushan, here is Lingyun City, I Ouyang wild hand cover the site Snapped Suddenly. Ouyang wild slap in the palm of a fan down. Fan in the white Lingling face, directly to the white Ling Ling to the ground lying on the ground. Ouyang fidget cube 3d print wild face grim, said Ha ha ha cool it Look at their hand spinner fidget in stores fidget spinner cube beloved woman was beaten, cool it Luo days eyes sank. Kill the meaning of Chung out. He looked Ouyang wild word, said From the zombie when you lead to me when I secretly fidget cube 3d print swear, and then see you is your death, in my eyes, fidget cube 3d print you are dead Chapter 1023 The Power of.treasure, he will go. Yang Qi end up the glass, the Luo fidget cube 3d print days Well, there are brothers this sentence is enough, I am waiting for you in fidget cube 3d print the abyss of college. Finished drinking Luo days also put a glass, a boring. Food and wine table, four people eat up. Yang Qi did not talk about inviting Luo days to the abyss of the Institute of things, but that what happened in the mountains of Wushan. Luo days secretly surprised. He did not think that there have been hundreds of people fighting. Dead dozens of people. To fidget cube 3d print compete for the green big man, not to mention that guy did not, if the words, then more will fight the badly beaten. Let Luo days shock is not this point. But the green giants of the bounty, directly soared to two million fidget cube 3d print coin, as t.